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Our primary goal is to maintain your operational efficiency with minimal disruption. Through vigilant monitoring and managed services, we promptly identify and address issues before they impact your business. Our compatibility with both Mac and PC streamlines your IT management, eliminating the hassle of dealing with multiple providers.

Tailored Subscription Plans

Wyre offers three subscription levels to accommodate your budget and IT requirements. From our comprehensive plan providing seamless IT support and predictable budgets to our lighter plan offering expert oversight, all options guarantee the assurance that your IT is in capable hands.

Inclusive Subscription Benefits

All our subscription plans cover essential services:

  1. Performance and Capacity Monitoring: Active performance monitors promptly signal if your machine requires a tune-up or upgrade.
  2. System Updates: We ensure your computer stays current with both minor and major version upgrades.
  3. Backup Monitoring: Overlooking backups can be detrimental; therefore, we conduct daily check-ups to ensure their proper functioning.
  4. Proactive Hardware Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of hardware health allows us to take immediate action on your infrastructure.
  5. Antivirus Installation and Monitoring: We include the enterprise version of Bit Defender in all managed services packages, offering web filtering, malware protection, and ransomware protection tailored to your needs.

Simplified IT Management

For businesses varying in size and internal IT capabilities, managing diverse IT options and vendors can be challenging. Our IT Admin service consolidates this function, providing a streamlined IT vision.

Dedicated Support

Our capable team takes on your IT requirements as their own. With a designated point of contact assigned to your business, our IT Admin service ensures a simplified and efficient IT experience.