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In the dynamic landscape of technological evolution, businesses find themselves at the crossroads of infrastructure decisions. The growing prevalence of cloud solutions, encompassing redundant, hybrid, and traditional on-site models, necessitates strategic insights into the ever-evolving IT terrain.

Cloud Infrastructure: Enhancing Agility

Amidst advancing internet connectivity, businesses of all sizes are progressively migrating their infrastructure to the cloud. This strategic shift leverages improved speed, reliability, and cost efficiency, thereby enhancing business agility. Securing operations in a cloud environment ensures that work processes run on a cluster of highly available servers, adept at handling challenges like high demand and power outages.

Redundant Cloud Options: Tailored Solutions

Choosing New Solutions’ diverse redundant cloud infrastructure ensures tailored solutions for businesses of all sizes. The distribution of data across strategic sites in Auckland and Hamilton, equipped with backup systems, guarantees uninterrupted business continuity. Moreover, the pay-as-you-need service eliminates concerns about upfront costs.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Seamless Operations

New Solutions’ Infrastructure as a Service ensures uninterrupted business operations for internal users and clients, even in the absence of connectivity on your premises.

Hybrid Infrastructure: Maximizing Flexibility

Organizations strategically leverage cloud services for critical applications in a hybrid model, offering flexibility and efficiency. This approach accommodates running local workloads on the cloud during a disaster, effectively reducing organizational downtime.

On-Site (Traditional) Infrastructure: Time-Honored Approach

The traditional on-site infrastructure model remains a viable option, rooted in a time predating today’s Internet capabilities. A standard setup includes servers, backup storage, and a Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS) connected to the mains.

Considerations and Challenges: Planning Ahead

While this model demands a significant upfront investment, it requires more effort in setup and maintenance. Potential issues like power cuts or connectivity problems pose risks to business operations. As infrastructure ages, regular upgrades become necessary to forestall performance issues and maintain compatibility.

On-Premises Control for Select Businesses: Strategic Choices

Despite higher costs, an on-premises setup may be justified for businesses wanting full control over their infrastructure. Navigating this technological landscape empowers businesses to make informed decisions, aligning with their operational needs and strategic objectives.

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